Monday, June 30, 2008

It Can Happen for You

I just finished looking at an Oprah Show recording that aired on Friday. It was a show continuing the concept of the law of attraction. We all heard about this concept during the time when The Secret was at its height in publicity and popularity. I tried this concept briefly during that time but did not hold out with it-I think because I went into it on the wrong level. However, after watching this show, I am ready to practice the law of attraction in my life once again.

The law of attraction basically says that whatever you constantly think, feel and speak will manifest in your life. We've even heard of this biblically with Proverbs 23:7 "For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he." Proverbs 18:21 "Death and life are in the power of the tongue.."- So these concepts should not be new to us and are not separated from spirituality.

The last time I tried this, it was not easy....trying to replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts, the self-affirmations, etc-none were easy. I realize why. Everytime I tried to come with something positive, it was the subconscious "self" resisting that new way of thinking because I have thought and felt a certain way for so long. The funny thing about it is, I've used this concept in the past and gotten positive results without even knowing it. Many of the things that I truly wanted for myself, I've thought about it and released into the atmosphere intensely and they came to pass and I don't believe these things happened by default because of the resources that I'm indirectly connected to but I believe they came through me putting it out there passionately "without doubt" that this is what I want. It didn't even register to me during those times. I also think about my father who we call a "no limit soldier" because he NEVER stops. He is always speaking about getting to the next level and ever since I've known myself, he's been this way. I don't care what's going on, he always has a comeback for why he has to keep going and what's going to come for him and I have to say that it is all coming 10-fold. This was a man who used to walk around with paint-stained clothing, looking a "working" mess who everyone talked about-my grandmother, aunts, uncles, friends of the family, etc. but he ALWAYS said..."I'm gonna get there. You just watch and see. One of these days I'm gonna get to the promised land." I include my mother in on this as well because certainly they both had a shared vision, he was just more vocal about it but now from their strong beliefs...they ARE the lenders and not the borrowers.

I'm telling you folks. I truly believe that there is power behind this thing. I am also about to create a vision board. A vision board is a board containing images of the visions that you see for your life-whether it be love, life, spirituality, career, etc.- with a spirit of gratitude for it being "already done" you release it and watch God work. As I said, I believe that it is all tied spiritually anyway. The key to it all though is making sure that you keep your thoughts and words positive and living in gratitude for how it is right now because you know that it's all coming together.

Well...I'm going to put my best foot forward and do it and this will be something that I look forward to sharing as these things start happening. I'm excited!


Saturday, June 28, 2008

But in the meantime..'s 1:09am and I'm feeling it...


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

An Unexpected Lifting..

Ok guys, I know this is not a "Sunday Inspiration" post such as my last but I just HAD to post this video. I was just browsing around on youtube and came across this video of Tamela Mann singing the song "Step Aside" and....something just came over me. I don't know....maybe the lifting was only meant for me but I just HAD to post this! My Goodness....this has to be for somebody else too. When I tell you a good relieving but joyful cry? Didn't expect this lifting at 7pm today nor did I think I needed it but I got it.

Watch it in its entirety...

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sunday Inspiration

I first want to say Happy Father's Day to all the fathers all over the world...the good ones and the not so good ones. I called my father this morning to send my well wishes to him this morning and realized after the conversation that it was a blessing to be able to dial a number and have him pick up. I tried to call my brother and send my well wishes but it was to no avail, as usual, lol But I still love him anyway.

I chose not to attend church services today. It wasn't because I didn't feel like it but more so I was really not in the mood for a "father's day" type sermon. The last father's day service I attended the pastor went from Rev. (Last Name) to Rev. Testosterone. So I'll maybe catch next Sunday.

Donald Lawrence- It's Your Time
Pt. 1

I had a very epiphanic conversation with a friend last night. We were talking about love & life and the mentioning of two situations surfaced and he said to me, "My life is good right now and I don't think I need to concern myself with THAT past. This is the first time in a while that I've been really happy and not just faking it." This caught me off guard because I knew that he had been missing in action for the past few months but to come back in such a strong way really had a profound effect on me. I responded with "That is so good and I am so happy for you. My time is coming to be happy." Then after that statement I immediately started thinking about the conversations that I'd had with at least two other people earlier in the day that all ended with them saying "yeah, my time is coming.."- all referring to different things. Then my thoughts shifted to myself and the song embedded, "It's Your Time". It's almost as if I could hear a voice saying "It's your!" and I truly felt it and I'm beginning to take ownership of the feeling. My time to be happy is now. As said in the song, I can truly feel myself getting ready to walk into the best season of my life. I feel like I'm in the beginning of that now but it is taking some repositioning before the light turns green.

So I hope this is inspiring to one of you as well. How many of you are waiting to go to the next level? Waiting to go back to school, waiting to pursue entrepreneurship,waiting to do that one thing differently, waiting to leave that dead-end job, waiting to stop taking those calls, waiting to stop entertaining foolishness, waiting to GROW UP, waiting to be that person you truly desire to be? Life and death shoots into the atmosphere from the tongue and I speak life into my situations and your situations and say "It's YOUR time." The only question though is how many of us are willing to own that and protect it all costs? I'm going for mine.

I'm not sure why the poster broke the song up into two posts but it's still good nonetheless. Enjoy.

Pt. 2

Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Wish List for June

The wish list for this month has finally arrived! I've compiled some items for the month of June that peaked my interest and would be lovely to have for summer.

First on my list

Conrad Hotels & Resorts, Miami Florida Rates $199-$929 per night

I never knew there were so many options for vacations. I'm still exploring the countless vacation destinations before I make a decision and set out for it. How great would it be to have great hotel accommodations in a great location and a room with a great view? If you're looking for vacation ideas, you can find something that fits you no matter your budget.

Next for this month is

Burberry Large Duffel Bag Retail Price $845

In conjunction with that lovely trip to a Conrad Hotel, I'd want to have this piece in-tow with me. I first saw this duffle bag with the Burberry given name "duffel" on an episode of Will & Grace. With most individuals mostly leaning to other brands for luggage such as Gucci and LV, I think this would be a bit different and slightly more subtle. Anyway, I love it and I'd like to have it!

Continuing my Burberry love fest...

Burberry Striped Strap Watch Retail Price $595

I wasn't even up on the fact that Burberry made watches and although I saw a few others that I really liked, this one seemed to have more of a summer feel to me. This watch comes across with such neutrality in my opinion. I see a white tee and jeans or to dinner in this watch. Simple, yet stylish.

Another fun summer toy...

2008 BMW 6 Series Convertible MSRP $82,700

"Yeeeeeeees...Yeeeeeees....My sooooul saaaays yeeeeesss!" Now I'd cancel the trip and the Burberry merchandise for this one here! Oh, Yes Sir! If I was the owner of this car, I'd LIVE for the summer...just to let that top down and be fly! Give me this and my Discipline album and I'm all set! By the way, who's going to the concert?

Last but not least

Life Beyond Measure: Letters to My Great-Granddaughter by Sydney Portier Retail Price $25.95
I normally try not to end my list without having a book, magazine or some piece of literature. I have not read this book yet but it has been laying in my den for the past month or so. I can tell that I'm growing because I'm now beginning to seek life lessons even more where ever they can be found. I'm hoping that this book has something for me. I look forward to it.

I hope that each of you are enjoying your summer thus far. Do something different and fun. If that doesn't work, as I heard someone say the other day, "If you can't do great things, do small things but in a great way!"

Now, in peace and blessings...go live!