Friday, May 16, 2008

It's Friday...Now Sum It Up!

So it's Friday! Can you say Amen? What is it about Fridays? Anyway..I've got some things to say...

  • So it's graduation season....congrats to all the high school and college graduates this year! Although I'm slightly jealous because I still have about 10-12 months to go, I still salute you guys because it ain't easy. Hopefully that will be me next year this time.

  • Ok, the Atlanta area has been getting a lot of rain lately. Why are we still in a drought? Somebody's stealin! Hmph!

  • Did I mention that I really enjoyed my mom last week? I don't know what I enjoyed most, her or that ride! lol

  • Aren't the gals on The View a riot? Although Elizabeth sometimes makes me want to riot! She wears "Republican" like it's a sorority. Wow...

  • I have yet to figure out what I want to look like for the summer. I'm having a fashion block. Maybe I'll stick with what's easy until I figure it out. Although jeans and t-shirts are feelin' sexy to me.....oh don't leave out those Calvin Klein Steel shin-digs for the waist.

  • Why am I always left with a crush on my barbers? I mean the last 3 guys to cut my hair within the past month all look like they came deep from the know that kinda fine that hasn't been "touched" yet by the city and its "elements". Whew! Cut it boys!

  • Ok for the record...let it be known....I want Al Scales Reynolds! Yes I'm pro-Star but that ain't reason enough for us (he and I) not to be happy and make it work! Hmph! But it would still be nice if she could write a letter of recommendation for me for law school. Hmm. Love ya Star! lol

  • Ok...that was fun..enough with that foolishness! lol Serious talk, as you can hear the song that's playing in the background...."Work It Out". I chose that song because it makes me move but also fits my outlook. I woke up this morning thinking about all that I have to do. I've got school, which is increasingly requiring a lot more attention, as well as keeping up with managing my personal affairs. I have not been on top of things like I should've/should be. Then I started thinking about all of the foolish things that I've been giving my time to....uh uh...can't do that anymore. It is true that I've really got work to do. It's time for me to work it out! I am so serious...and so serious that I can't even spit a bunch of fluff about it. It is what is. So if you're lookin' for know where I'll be.....on my grind!

It's Friday guys, go reflect and enjoy yourselves! Work it out!!


Sunday, May 11, 2008

I Can Feel It..

I first want to start off by saying Happy Mother's Day to my mom, all of your moms and all of the mothers all over the world. Today is a special day and no matter what, I'm glad that I've got mine.

So, my mom was here with me all this past week on her vacation. She rested, we shopped, got in some good dining, she got her day at the spa. She enjoyed it all. I'm glad she did. We also talked some this week and found out we had even more in common than the obvious. We actually talked about love, as it is relative to me. For the first time, I got really honest with her and just had to put it out there that I am "hoping" for it. She understood.

Since the week ended and I got the house back to myself, I started thinking about how easy it has become for me to be honest about my feelings. I'm used to sugar coating my emotions so that they aren't easily visible to "everybody" but I've discovered a certain freedom with just saying how it is.

How is it, you might ask? Well, borrowing from the words of Anita, "never have I felt the need to be this close". I have been experiencing the overwhelmingly profound urge for love in my life. The feeling itself, I compare to Lauryn's account as being "addicted to love like the drug of a fiend" a myopic trance. It is just that intense. I go through mood swings, I get filled with anxiety and I sometimes feel like I'm being something on the inside is dying, screaming, crying..."let me out!"'s true.

This period of my life has also forced me to face my sincerity towards others as well. It "seems" like almost all of my friends either have someone or has a potential. I can't sit here and say that I am not genuinely happy for each of them because I think that being in love is a beautiful thing. However, I'm beginning to ask myself, "How many times can you be the cheerleader in other people's relationships?" I ask myself, how many more times can I say, "I'm happy for you!" and continue to mean it? I think to myself that I'm entering my mid-twenties and have never been in a serious relationship. Last summer, one of my high-school classmates married the guy that she started dating when we were in the 9th grade. I remember when she was head over heels for this guy at 14, 15. Wow. She found it early. Then, looking at myself in the mirror...I ask the question, "What about me?"

If I had a dollar for every time someone said to me, "Don't worry, it's coming", I PROMISE I could have had that $500k townhouse in Buckhead that I wanted WITH the S550. What makes it worst is that most of the people who use this phrase as a method of "soothing" me, have significant others in their lives. Yes, you may understand my position and what I'm feeling but you have no idea of how I'm feeling because your reality is completely different at this point.

What about mine? When is mine coming? Yes...the well wishes are appreciated but what am I to do in the meantime? In the meantime while you're celebrating special occasions and holidays with you and yours, on any given night...knowing that you're loved. Knowing...that you are a part of a team...

This is the most free I've been about my emotions. Wow. But this is my blog.

It's time for's been too long.....I can feel it.

"Love is sweet and so divine and I can't wait for my love light to shine..." - Luther V.

I just asked myself, "What are you about to do with this blog?" but oh well! This is the reality of me and so many others. This one is for the team.

*The songs in the playlist, "In My Songs" and "Any Love"*

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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My Wish List for May

It's that time again! Here's what's on my mind this month!

First on the list is..

Gucci Basic Bi-fold Wallet Retail Price: $230

As my first ever Gucci product, I must say that I am very pleased with this wallet. The elastic band with the signature pattern makes this wallet flat enough to slip in your back pocket (although I don't carry it there) or in your hand. It also keeps the contents snug and in place. I love it.

Next on the list is..

Tiffany Atlas Open Ring in 18k White Gold Retail Price: $975

I have been in love with this ring since I first saw it in the store and slipped it on my finger. It was absolutely gorgeous on my hand. I can see this ring being a part of my "signature" look as an everyday accessory. Maybe even my very own, "right hand ring". Who knows, but this is a much desired piece of jewelry in my house.

Moving on to..

Just Who Will You Be? by Maria Shriver Retail Price: $14.95

I've seen Maria on a few shows talking about this book and what it is all about and I am really interested in reading it. I think it is going to be interesting to explore her thoughts from her perspective of the issues that so many people deal with everyday...the issues of figuring out "self". I've gotta get it! By the way, has anyone noticed that her hair is THA' business? Hey hey...if something looks good to me, I'm gonna go ahead and say it.


Bang & Olufsen A8 Headphones Retail Price: $159.95

After much back and forth debate of what type headphones I'd like to have for my iPod, I think I've come to this decision. I want quality sound and comfort and these seem to be the best route to go. Although I have not heard the sound quality of these particular headphones, I'll trust that the reputable name and good reviews will be accurate. The $159, I'm still workin' on though...but wouldn't they be nice to have?


Loews Miami Beach Hotel Nightly Rates: $359-$775

Yes..yes...I've been talking about a vacation for a long time now and hopefully I'll get a real vacation this year. Looking at this room and view, I don't even have to go with anyone...that's enough to take in all by myself. My mind and body is screaming for this! Umm...I can almost feel it now...laying in that bed with the balcony door open, listening to the billows caressing the beach while being soothed my the cool breeze racing from it..ummm..ok...ok...but wouldn't it be lovely?

Anyway, it feels like the summer is finally here. It's May already. Let the summer chapters begin...

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