Monday, January 26, 2009

Bring It!

My first post of the year 2009. Wow. I hope this post finds everyone who has ever shared in this blog with me alive and well. I've been holding off posting in this new year because I wanted to make sure now more than ever, it is a sincere reflection of me. A lot has happened with me externally and internally since my last post. Many things that I still don't have the full strength to talk about just yet, but I trust that with more growth, I'll be able to share the experiences and the gifts that they hold.

So, over the time of breaking from this blog, I thought everyday of what I wanted my life and everything that relates to it to be about this year. I thought about what I wanted this blog to represent. There's a lot that I've kept out of my blog to ensure that I didn't "reveal" too much of myself. Imagine that....and the blog is called "G R'vealed". This year, I want the revelations to be free flowing, but with the intent to connect, to inspire, to liberate, to comfort, for fun, for understanding and/or to just "be".

You know, growth is a beautiful thing. You receive so much of a greater awareness in growth. No. I haven't "arrived" just yet, but the awareness that I've been given for 2009 is out of this world. It's like someone has allowed me to peep their card. I'm finally at a point in my life where I feel like all of those "lost ones" that I've endured are now being overturned. I guess it can be described as one of the many "Aha!" moments. The understanding, wisdom and guidance that I am divinely meant to have at this very moment, I feel like, I get it now! I finally get it! The "it" is the embrace of truth and all that's in it. Need I even say more?

As basic as this blog is, I hope that everyone who reads it will embrace the truth in and of their lives. I learned in a very tough way that "it is what it is". It's time to start calling a spade a spade. This year I'm taking the liberty to be more true to myself. To ONLY do the things that I truly want to do where it's possible. To speak up for myself more and consistently remain true to my belief system. It feels so good to realize that it's truly okay to be me. I'm courageous in standing firm that no matter who or what comes and goes, I've gotta take care of me.

So speaking to those defeats, hurts, misunderstandings and mishaps, you won some, but you JUST lost one. I want to live....

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