Sunday, March 22, 2009


As this beautiful Sunday unfolds, I'm finding that a good bit of revelation has been weaved into the fibers of each minute towards today's benediction. There is one thing that I have said so often in my life, that "energy doesn't lie". Those words consistently prove themselves to me over and over again. I bring this up because lately it seems that events and people around me have been saying out loud, the things that I've been feeling in one shape or another. These confirmations have finally revealed to me that it's not just me, but these energies are indeed being projected with accuracy of the intentions in which they were born. This becomes so impactful to me today because for so long in my life, there has been so much that I have left unsaid. There have been many occasions and still are from time to time, when I have denied my true feelings for the sake of harmony and peace. Truthfully, I thrive in the space of harmony and peace.

However, I was reading over something online today and the word "authentic" was in the text. It jumped out at me before the sentence it was a part of did. I didn't really ponder further on it at the moment, but it still remained close in mind. Then I returned a friend's phone call and through that conversation, it came back to me again and I had a bit of an "Aha!" moment. Through yet another confirmation, the power of the word "authentic" was revealed. I then thought to myself, "Why does it take a confirmation from someone else to validate something you already know?" This was a powerful question because I began to wonder, if I'm not being faithful and true to myself then who the heck am I giving it to and how do they get first dibs on my sentiment before I do? Authenticity, denied.

Just as a random side note in this, I think that people confuse loyalty and authenticity. I don't ever see how denying the best of yourself for the sake of someone or something else is considered loyal, but I digress...or do I?

I believe that a lot of the imbalance I've experienced lately has been a symptom of an inauthentic me. Every time I say something or do something outside of my truth, I can hear my inner voice saying, "Why are you doing this again? Aren't you tired?"

Today I finally answered and said..."Yes"

As each day is given to me in grace, I want to make sure that I exist in truth within every single moment. That truth for me is living in harmony, peace, prosperity and unbounded love. These are the elements that abide at my core. As "la la land" as it sounds, it's true. I'm not what or who many people think I am. Many may have an idea, but only a few know. Either way it goes, I cannot say enough how important it is that all of us find the space of truth in our lives. That place where you're allowed to feel just as you feel without limits or guilt. There is power in the truth and with the power of truth comes freedom.

Feeling worn out, tired, hurt, ashamed, guilty, confused, defeated, unappreciated, sad, angry? Got truth? Hmph!

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fuzzy said...

They say the truth will set you free! there is nothing more authentic than the truth!