Saturday, July 19, 2008

Love vs Bars

So it's a Saturday night and I'm at home listening to good music and not mad about that at all. I've always been hugely into music since I can remember. It's like I do more than just hear it and understand it but I truly feel like I'm able to go to whatever realm the feeling of the song is giving. So, I'm sitting here listening to one of my favorite ladies, Faith Evans and going down memory lane from her first album up until present. One song that I absolutely love is the song that's playing "Do Your Time". I remember my friend Africa and I used to be all over that Faithfully cd and THIS song. We would be on our 45 minute to an hour journey to the nearest mall singing our hearts out like we truly had some locked up husbands somewhere! lol Hilarious! Those were the days...

Anyway, I'm thinking about the words of this song, "I'm gonna do your time with you no matter what I gotta do.." When I sing those words, I honestly can feel the sentiment within each phrase and can almost put myself in that situation but the question comes to mind, could I really do some one's time with them? I'd like to say that I could but I already know that my answer would be based depending on the details of their incarceration. For instance, if it had anything to do with a sex crime such as child molestation or some type sexual abuse, then I just know that I couldn't. The length of their term also plays a part in there. So I ask myself, under what conditions would I stick beside someone through an ordeal such as imprisonment? This is also, of course, on the assumption that this is someone whom I've been with for an extended period of time (1+years) and we've truly built something substantial together.

Then my mind goes to Michael Vick, as it always does for some reason when I hear this song. In his case, would I had done all his time with him?

Heck, let me ask you. Could you, would you do some one's time with them? Is it fair to you to do some one's time with them? Why? Why not? Ultimately, do you think that love could truly be stronger that those bars?



Sunday, July 13, 2008

What Do I know?

You know, I had something else posted up previously but this song came through my shuffle and warranted the deletion of that post.

There are many things that are on my mind at this point because there is so much at stake in my life. There is so much work that truly has to be done....and in the midst of all my frustration with all these things, this song came through to be my comfort and inspiration for this Sunday.

So in all aspects of my life from spirituality to career to love...what do I really know? hmph...this song is right on time today.

"One of these 'ole days, I'm gonna have JUST what I want..."

Have a good Sunday and a wonderful week...