Monday, April 28, 2008

You Have the Floor..

The month is almost over already and this is only my second post of the month. I've had a lot going on and did not feel genuinely inspired to blog over these past weeks. For the past few days though, I've been feeling my blog gears turning again from the changes that have been happening around me and within.

It is amazing how no matter how "bad boy" I feel, when the dust settles, I'm always staring the "spiritual me" directly in the eyes. I am constantly reminded that no matter how thin I spread the connection from my end, it always seems to grow thicker when I look at again.

As I mentioned, I've been going through some changes within me. I'll admit it, I've been acting desperate..acting needy and doing and saying a lot of things that stem from that desperation and neediness. This desperation and neediness feels like such a natural thing.....when you're in "need" of something. Then randomization spreads over my thoughts from one thing to another and it dawns on me that I don't know what or how to feel at this point.

There are so many plaguing emotions and thoughts to front....the constant workload and responsibility of my studies, managing my household and financial resources as it is relative to such, taking care of me, dealing with me, being with me, soothing being only me. It's not easy doing any of those things. There's so much depending on me, it seems. So the things that once worked, no longer do. There's a bigger picture trying to shine through, thus said my spirit and because I didn't/don't fully recognize "the call", I identify it as a disturbance making me imbalanced and causing me to keep trying to fill a void from something that's trying to come to me, already complete.

Then this song came through my shuffle....

That's it. What is this thing within me? Is this the making of something great? Am I in the makings of being someone great? Did all of the other "greats", as we've deemed them, gone through this same thing?


Is this all me? Is this just for G? So, I me the desires of my heart. Yes, I know that I have my hopes and dreams, I know that I've been single all my life and lonely and depressed more often than not lately because of it me. Yes, my responsibility is increasing me. Yes, I see all of these different roads and avenues that could lead to endless possibilities me. Yes, I have more now than I've ever had before but I still petition for you to show me. If you do, then and only then can I be sure.

So, you have the floor.

Then by the end of the song, I began to find out just as she did...the answers for my own heart.

Clarity awaits. No, I don't see it, but I believe on it. It'll unfold.

In what ways can you believe on it in your life today?

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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My Wish List for April

Welcome to the return of my wish list for this month! Ok..Let's get started...

Topping my list this month is...

Samsung 32" Series 3 Flat Panel LCD HDTV Retail price: $799

Ok, this tv had to top my list this month being that I am a newly proud owner of one of these. I've never experienced watching television quite this clear and with such high definition. I have it in my bedroom and let me tell you, if you ever want to see what it can really do, turn to Animal Planet or The Discovery Channel....unlike anything you've ever seen.

Next on my list for this month is

Bedford Retangular Desk Retail Price: $649.00 Desk Chair(s) Retail Price: $199- $379

I have been in love with this desk since first seeing it in Pottery Barn. Although I don't have the little bookcase up top, I do have the matching chair and it fits the house nicely. It's all solid wood and very heavy, coming in three pieces. In the picture it looks smaller than it really is but I think it'll transition well from facing a wall to being in the middle of a room and the best thing is that you can add pieces to this, extending into any kind of unit you'd like or need. Go check it out! Gotta love Pottery Barn.


D&G Dolce & Gabbana, Geometric Swim Trunk Retail Price: $175.oo

Yes,'s spring time and I'm dying for a vacation! I think these trunks are just what I need to lay around on someone's beach. Aren't they just lovely?

Moving on to...

A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose by Eckhart Tolle Retail price: $24.95

I am very much interested in reading this book when I can get to it. I've been hearing Oprah talk a lot about this lately. I'm wondering how enlightening and effective it is. It may be saying the same things that we've all heard before but you know that timing is everything. I hope to check this book out very soon.


El San Juan Hotel & Casino, San Juan Puerto Rico Nightly Rates: $180-$1000+

I've been talking about a vacation constantly lately and would sooooooo love to get away, possibly to this destination or one like it. Now that view is a big difference from 6pm traffic on I85. I'll be wishing on this one for a minute.


Yorkshire Terrier Price Range from $600-$2300

Yes, yes, yes....isn't she lovely? I am so thinking about getting me a little being in the house with me and a little lady or gentlmen like this may have my name on it. These dogs are gorgeous. I still have my names too. If it's a boy, Peanut, and a girl, Gracie.